Dub Packs Info

My Dub Packs are made available exclusively to the Hazardous Material website and therefore grant you (the customer) a six month exclusive before any Dub Pack tracks are made available to the public via other Digital Service Providers.

Dub Packs are not being sent out to any DJ's via any promo campaigns.

I feel it would be more fun to let people who actually buy music to have exclusive access to these packs. If any so called professional DJ wants to show me some love and support me by buying these packs then please feel free as that would probably make my opinion of you go up a little. Also, any DJ caught playing my music is entitled to a free hi five :-)

Most of the tunes on the packs are older tracks that I've been playing for years, that for one reason or another never got released. For example I got bored, couldn't get the mix down right or time just passed it by.

Please dont expect every tune to be of the highest standard but all tunes are playable as I've played them all in many clubs around the world.

Lastly, these packs may be withdrawn at any time so purchase them quickly so you don't miss out.

DJ Hazard